A rain called someone

… but all this reminded something, we have differences between ourselves. We get tired, stressed and sometimes pass our red lines and hurt others (like all the time I do it to you) but the type of persons that you argue with is different.. some are like a heavy rain, which piss you off because you get wet, or get stuck in traffic, you get angry with the rain, but still you can never hate the rain, it will be always beautiful and everybody loves it, even me that I say I hate rain know that I love it ..




Sometimes some argues and fights are like sand storm, no body likes them, when you hear the name it gives a rash and you start not only dislike (or hate ) the storm, but also the sand and where you can find the sand !!! …


I am happy that you are like a rain .. a rain for me. and thanks for being there so I can write to you and feel better ..

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